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Sony H910N سماعة Headset

Sony H910N سماعة Headset

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Get closer to your favorite music with the exceptional bass and noise canceling performance of the WH-XB910N Wireless Headphones with EXTRA BASS™ and Dual Noise Canceling technologies.
Dual noise canceling for intense music
With feed and feedback mics on each side, the WH-XB910N takes digital noise cancellation to the next level. Now you can truly cut out the world around you and enjoy your one-on-one private party with your own music for company.

EXTRA BASS for deep, impressive sound
These noise canceling headphones enhance all your low frequencies for exceptional bass.

Give your favorite music a boost
When an original music source is compressed, it loses the high frequency elements that add detail and richness to the track. Our Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) faithfully restores these elements to produce high-quality sound that is closer to the original recording

Listen all day, charge in minutes
With up to 30 hours of battery life, you'll have enough power for multi-day road trips and long festival weekends. And if you need to recharge quickly, a 10-minute quick charge gives you up to 4.5 hours of additional playtime with the optional AC adapter.

Easier and clearer hands-free calling
Conversation flows freely with easy hands-free calling, and it's now clearer than ever with a high-quality built-in microphone. You don't even have to take your phone out of your pocket

Switch between devices effortlessly
For complete convenience, the WH-XB910N headphones can be paired with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. So when a call comes in, your headphones know which device is ringing and connect to the correct device automatically.

Control at your fingertips
You can change the track, adjust the volume, and take or make calls by tapping the touchpad on the side of the headphones. Do you want to hear sounds or voices around you quickly? Simply place your hand on the case to instantly lower the music volume and let the ambient sound in.

Quick Attention Mode
These Sony headphones allow you to communicate without taking off your headphones. Place your hand over the right ear cup to lower the volume and deactivate noise cancellation for instant conversation.

Your voice, as you like
Customize the sound according to your personal preferences. Choose from a variety of presets to match the sound quality to the type of music you're listening to. Or create and save your own presets using the EQ Custom feature in the Sony │ Headphones Connect app.

Carrying bag for easy travel
The accompanying carrying case is durable and includes a cable for wired listening.

Foldable design for everyday convenience
The ear cups swivel inward so they pack neatly into the compact case

All-day music, all-day comfort
These headphones feature soft, oval-shaped ear cushions, so you don't need to take a break from your favorite music, movies, or shows. Comfortable synthetic leather and urethane materials combine with the construction and dimensions of the ear cushion for exceptional wear.

Perfect compatibility preserves your music
Adjust the slider to find what works for you and enjoy hours of comfortable listening. The music stays in and the noise stays out for a great audio experience.

More natural surround sound
With two microphones for feed and feedback, the WH-XB910N picks up more of the ambient sound around you. You'll enjoy a natural listening experience while staying connected to your environment.

Controls the ambient sound
The WH-XB910N's microphones can also act as surround sound control. Adjust how much surround sound you hear with Sony | Headphones Connect app for noise cancellation while hearing essential sounds.

Sets the sound for everything you do
Adaptive sound control is a smart function that senses where you are and what you're doing, then adjusts ambient sound settings for an optimal listening experience.

Get to know your favorite sites
Over time, adaptive sound control learns the sites you visit often — like your office, your favorite gym, or your favorite coffee shop — and customizes the sound to suit the environment.

Google Assistant and Alexa compatible
You can choose to activate the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa with a simple touch. To use Amazon Alexa, simply download the Sony | Headphones Connect app and Alexa app in your smartphone app market

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