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From the desire to find high quality products, our journey began

Why Anayees?

Have you tried looking for original brands in Yemen? Of course, you encountered difficulties, either very expensive, or counterfeit, or you need to order it from abroad, we are, too. Based on the desire to find high quality products at reasonable prices in the Yemeni market, we started to establish Anais and set out to work to find reliable and high-quality sources to supply our products, we faced many Challenges and difficulties, but thanks to God, we succeeded in importing the first batch, and thanks to your support, we will continue, God willing, to expand our product catalog...


who are we?

We are a group of young people who have a lot of ambitions, ideas and projects through which we hope to raise the level of quality in the Middle East in various fields, whether service or commercial, Anais is the main platform that we will use in the commercial field, and our main goal is to provide high quality products and services in line with standards International and guarantees all the rights of our customers and achieves their satisfaction with everything we offer

Our prices are lower than the world market

Providing the prices we offer you, we sometimes have to accept small quantities and limited sizes of some items. Therefore, we advise you to buy quickly when you find an item that you like and in a suitable size. Buy without worries because you can return what does not suit you, please review the return and exchange policy for more details.

Return and exchange policy