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All our products are sourced from original international brands, and because we are keen to satisfy our customers, we would like to offer you an effective guarantee for all products, and if they are damaged or broken within 6 months, they will be replaced free of charge.

Puma Pacernet is comfortable, stylish, and durable

This classic shoe from Puma is considered an ideal choice for many because of its modern model and the carefully designed sole to provide the highest levels of support for the body while walking or running.

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How do you know your exact foot size?

In order to know your exact foot size, take a meter (to measure) and measure from the longest toe on your foot to the middle of the heel so that you can buy and make sure that it will fit.

Clothes sizes

Globally, there are many standards for determining clothing sizes and converting them to and from recognized international standards

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Original Apple products

Browse our range of Apple products from headphones, watches and accessories up to the Mac Mini M1, all with a warranty

Some of our customers' reviews
Some of our customers' reviews
Fuck 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
— Sam A. from Sanaa
Some of our customers' reviews
First of all, thank you Anais - I never expected to get Adidas in Yemen and I confirmed that they are original after I saw foreign sites selling them and I compared the pictures and they actually match - these shoes are very light in weight and very comfortable and for anyone interested, look for them on foreign sites called Adidas lite racer byd ;)
— Bassam K. From Aden
Some of our customers' reviews
For the first time in my life, I wear branded items, movements, and so on😁.. I received elegant and wonderful gifts from people who I will never regret dealing with. Dear Anayees Brands store.. Anayees..
— Hassan Al-Jafri from Sanaa
Some of our customers' reviews
It's amazing, I loved it from the first time I wore it 💙
— Hanan A. From Taiz
Some of our customers' reviews
The pen is new and wonderful and all its accessories are in the box. Thank you, Anaïs
— Islam Faisal from Ibb
Some of our customers' reviews
Thank you for the good treatment and the best goods, I swear to God
— Arafat from Taiz

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