Yes, in fact, we are mainly an online store, but we have a headquarters in Haddah Street, Rimas Tour. You can receive your products or exchange them through it.

Yes, under certain conditions, please reviewسياسة الارجاع والاستبدال بالضغط هنا 

Certainly... Our products are 100% original. We guarantee the quality of performance of all our products and offer you the option to test and check any product before purchasing it. We also guarantee your money in the event of any defect or poor performance that does not match the agency's description.

You can pay through several methods, the fastest of which is Al-Kuraimi, enter the Al-Kuraimi application and then choose or money and then click on a computer service ... Other methods include payment upon receipt (inside Sana’a) or through internal transfers such as Al-Najm and others, or the account in the shop located in Sh . Hadda, Rimas Tour

We buy directly from authorized distributors of our brands, as 100% of the offered products were manufactured for the American or European markets.

Yes, we have a point of sale and a customer service representative in the Cloud store located in St. Hadda, Rimas Roundabout, next to Al Tawfeer Hyper, you can pay, receive and return via the point, and we have the company's headquarters in St. Al-Sitteen near Almarai Company

This means that the product is new with its original packaging (it may be missing tags that contain prices from the same brand)

Open packaging or what is known as (OPEN BOX)
This product was purchased by and returned during the return period allowed by the distributor. We guarantee that the product will perform exactly as the performance of the new product from the factory, and in the event of any weakness in performance, the product will be returned or replaced with ease.

This means that the product has been used for a period not exceeding 3 months, the product may contain cosmetic defects, but we guarantee the performance of the product with all its contents, it may not contain the original packaging or other accessories

(Note the only used products we will classify on the site, the rest of the products will be either open or new packaging).

We supply and deliver all our products (there are no products from sellers or other parties) and we verify the accuracy of the description and the safety of the product in several stages, the first when it arrives at our warehouses and the last during packaging before sending it to you, and in all cases we are keen to provide exceptional services to our customers, Therefore, if you face a problem with the product you purchased, contact us via the contact page, or via email or mobile, and remember to add the order number when communicating, as well as you can visit our service point at Sh. Rimas tour unit.

All available sizes are on the product page itself. If you do not find your size displayed on the page, it means that there is no or that the quantity has run out. We recommend that you browse the products by sorting them according to the required size

No, unfortunately, at the moment we do not provide products on demand, but you can put forward your suggestions through the communication channels available to us