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Head 12W USB Output + USB to iPhone Cable Vietnam from Just Wireless


a description
12 watts / 2.4 amps of power
Charge all Apple devices
Foldable prongs for easy storage
Super strong connector connections
Apple MFI certified
5-foot Lightning cable included
Lifetime Warranty

A life fueled by technology requires a lot of power.

This Qi-only home charger and cable set includes a 2.4A USB wall charger and charging cable.

The wall charger plugs into any standard outlet or power strip, while the cable has a Lightning connector on one end and a full-size USB-A connector on the other. The Lightning connector plugs into your iPhone, while the USB connector plugs into any USB port or into the included wall charger.

MFi certified iPhone charger cable. Rigorous testing ensures that you and your devices are fully protected while using integrated circuit protection and maximum boost to ensure internal wiring is protected and your devices charge quickly and safely.

The cable is proven to last longer than most cables. Compatible with all Apple devices using the Lightning tip connector.

Keep one of these with you while you travel and it will never be without cost!