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Head 15W 2 Output (Type C +USB) Vietnamese Just Wireless


Delivers 3.1A/15.5W of power
Dual USB-A and USB-C output ports
The charger has a slim design
Conveniently placed ports
Lifetime Warranty
Keep one of these with you while you travel and it will never be without cost!

The Just Wireless Dual USB-A and USB-C Wall Charger plugs into any standard power outlet or power strip. With the universal USB port, any USB-A or USB-C cable will fit into your wall charger to start charging your iPhone or Android device.

It features 15.5W / 3.1A power that is delivered directly to your device. The foldable forks allow for easy on-the-go storage.

Compatible with both Apple and Android phones and devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro, Google Pixel and more. It can also charge other devices such as headphones, Airpods, speakers, and more.

Just Wireless offers a lifetime warranty on all of our wall chargers.