Airpods 2nd Gen (Open Packaging - Almost New)

$109.99 USD
By Apple


This item is an open carton, almost new

Meaning the signs of use are light, you can hardly see

Anais guarantees the performance of this product for a full 3 months from any manufacturer defect or malfunction

No wires. effortless Unparalleled.

AirPods give you an amazing wireless listening experience, they allow you to talk and listen for long periods of time, activate Siri by voice, and also come with a wireless charging case. Take it out of the box and it's ready to use with all your devices, put it in your ears and they instantly connect and immerse you in rich, high-quality sound. Already, take the mind.

After a simple one-click setup, AirPods automatically turn on and stay connected. 1 Using it is also easy, it knows when to put it in your ears and stops working when you take it off. And whether you use it with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV, you'll have the same amazing experience.

A performance that fascinates him.

AirPods work with the H1 chip that Apple designed for headphones. It provides a faster and more stable wireless connection to your devices, switching between devices you use with headphones is up to twice as fast, And the connection time becomes one and a half times faster for phone calls. The H1 chip enables voice-activated Siri and reduces standby time while gaming by up to 30 percent. Plus, you'll always enjoy high-quality sound if you're playing games, listening to music, or enjoying a podcast.

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Charging your AirPods is so easy with the included wireless charging case, just place the case on a Qi-certified charging pad. And the LED indicator on the front of the case will tell you that your AirPods are charging. And if the charging pad isn't nearby, you can use the Lightning port.

Battery supports you with its strength, 24 hours.

AirPods are at the forefront of wireless headphones, With just a single charge, it provides 5 hours of listening time. It now allows up to 3 hours of talk time. Built to keep up with you all day, the charging case offers multiple charges for more than 24 hours of listening time. Do you need fast charging? Simply put your AirPods back in their case for 15 minutes to enjoy up to three hours of listening Or up to two hours of talking. To check the battery level, place your AirPods in their case near your iPhone or ask Siri about the battery status.

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