Mophie 11 Pro Max / XS Max Case with Built-in Buffer

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By Mophie

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SKU: BOXMophie11PM
Get past the day with an extra battery
Consolidate your energy after sunset while reaching for your juice pack. This protective case with built-in battery helps extend the life of your iPhone, while maintaining full access to its ports. With an on-demand battery at the push of a button, having access to a juice pack beats your phone's battery when you need it most. Send more messages or stream more videos without worrying about your battery turning red.

Get up to 35% more battery
With an extra 35% battery, reaching for a juice pack keeps your iPhone away from red so you can enjoy your day. *

Full access to the port
The unique juice pack access design maintains full access to the Lightning port on your iPhone. Plug in EarPods or wired headphones and listen to music while the juice pack charges your iPhone.

Compact design
This little bag is so comfortable in your hand, you'll forget that it has a built-in battery.

High Impact Protection
When it comes to protection, the Juice Pack Access Battery Case isn't lightweight. The rubberized inner support pads protect your phone from drops and falls, and the raised corners help prevent scratched and cracked screens.

Two recharging methods: wireless and USB-C
You can recharge the Juice Pack Access Battery Case simply by dropping it onto any Qi wireless charging pad or by plugging the included charging cable into the USB-C port.

Priority + Shipping
When plugged in, the juice pack access battery case routes power to the iPhone first before recharging itself. The juice pack battery case can also be charged wirelessly independently of the iPhone.

*Count charges expressed in percentages are shipping-based estimates, using a fully charged pre-production juice pack to charge a device in Airplane mode from 0%. Results will vary based on environmental factors, device settings, and individual use.