DART WOOD TRUE gaming headphones

$34.95 USD


The Dartwood True Wireless Gaming Headset is a high-quality audio headset with ultra-low latency connectivity and quick-pairing Bluetooth headphones. Enjoy full immersion in sound with this gaming headset. Comfortable and secure fit. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable wearing experience. Charging case included. The portable case keeps the earbuds protected and fully charged when not in use. True Bluetooth 5.0 wireless and automatic paring. Dartwood Earbuds last up to 20 hours with the charging case. It also automatically connects to the last paired device. Custom-tuned 8mm drivers and a range of up to 10m/30ft. Comfortable design. Tested on thousands of ears. Custom earphones and headphones to perfectly fit your ears. Smart and easy touch control. Various functions by touching the earphones. 1 x Press the main earpiece - answer or hang up the phone call. 1 x Press the main earpiece - play or pause music. 2 x Press the main earpiece - skip a song. 2 x Press the mini earphone - play the previous song. 3 x Press the main earpiece - lower the volume. 3 x Press the mini earpiece - increase the volume. Tap and hold on any of the speakers - activate the voice assistant. Very low latency connection.