Motorola One Protective Cover 2.5 Meter Incipio

$6.99 USD $40.00

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Incipio grip cell phone back cover

Multi-directional grip reinforcements are specifically designed to prevent slipping in all directions to keep your phone securely in your hand

14 feet of drop protection with shock mount technology

Drop Protection Technology of up to 14 feet is derived from proven protection technology found in the automotive and sports industries.

Protects you and your phone

Antimicrobial Protection eliminates and inhibits 99.9% of surface bacteria, while providing long-lasting protection from bacteria and fungi.

It slips in your pocket, not out of your hand

The slim profile and defined sides make the handle easy to grip and easy to store

12ft drop protection
shock resistant

Layer 1: Hard PC scratch-resistant outer shell

Layer 2: shock-absorbing inner core

Full access to ports and buttons

Attractive and attractive shape

While specially designed grips at each corner help prevent your new phone from slipping off smooth surfaces