Evutec Magnetic Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max (Wireless Charging Compatible)

$12.99 USD

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【Wireless Charging Compatibility】Evutec iphone 12 Pro case will work with all wireless charging devices. Our case will also not interfere with WIFI signal, cell phone, GPS or Bluetooth Free Magnetic Vent Mount Mount cover for Evutec iphone 12 Pro with built-in magnetic design, which will stick firmly to the magnetic vent mount that came with the case. The magnetic vent holder will turn your phone into a hands-free, easy-to-go gadget. 【Slim & Protective】Our case is also very protective. The same case was tested for military demotion. It provides a good amount of protection without adding bulk. Lightweight Mixed Fiber Evutec iphone 12 Pro case is designed with multiple layers of different fibers that are used together to make the mobile phone case maintain durability and strength while making it thinner and more durable. Unique production process, the strength of aramid fiber is increased to 5 times that of steel