Evutec Black Case With Magnetic Car Holder For iPhone 12 Mini (Wireless Charging Compatible)

$6.99 USD

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Our Ballistic Nylon Case for Apple iPhone is unique due to the special ballistic nylon material, which adds a special texture and provides more protection to the phone case. This mobile phone cover is not slim but tough and shockproof. This heavy-duty case has a magnetic car vent mount compatible metal attachment, which will transport your phone into a secure, easy-to-port gadget.

⭐ AERGO pushes the envelope in the composite design.
⭐ The new Evutecs AERGO is backed by high-strength materials that exemplify the durability of EVUSOF + TPU.
⭐ The AERGO design includes 4 seamless metal inserts that make the AFIX system
⭐ Real Outer Materials - Ballistic Nylon
⭐ Wireless Charging Compatibility - Allows full wireless charging functionality as designed
⭐ AFIX + Magnetic Mounting System - Turn your device into a hands-free device
⭐ HONEYCOMB 3D INTERIOR - Extra Shock Absorption
⭐ Touchable buttons - Reduce resistance caused by TPU, provide better operations on all devices