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IPhone 12 Pro Organicore Environmentally Friendly Cover With Protection 2.4 Meter Black

$12.49 $40.00
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro

We've improved our eco-friendly Organicore range, featuring plant-based materials, by adding Impact Struts Technology, to create a case that offers 8-foot drop protection. Organicore provides 25% better protection than before while remaining 100% biodegradable. What does 100% compostable mean? That every Organicore product is guaranteed to completely biodegrade in a proper compostable environment, leaving only the good stuff behind. For every Organoir Box sold, one tree will be planted.

8 feet of fall protection
100% biodegradable plant protection
Impact strut protection technology reduces impact force
Raised edge protects the screen
Works with wireless charging and MagSafe*
Compatible with 5G
Lifetime Warranty