JBL Horizon speaker with alarm

$139.00 USD


JBL stereo sound fills the room
Rich, room-filling JBL stereo sound from a compact device Enjoy JBL sound whether you're using it as an alarm clock or as a Bluetooth speaker

Multi-sensory alarm with LED ambient lighting
Dual independent alarms for you and your partner Choice of FM radio Original digital alarm tones Music streamed from a Bluetooth device or traditional buzzer LED ambient light helps wake you up gently LCD screen automatically adjusts brightness to match room lighting

Start your day with room-filling JBL stereo sound
The JBL Horizon Clock Radio starts your day with room-filling JBL stereo sound, enhanced by the multisensory ambient glow of LED lights. Horizon features two separate customizable devices for you or your partner. Wake up to one of three original digital alarm tones, the FM station of your choice, or music from your smartphone via Bluetooth or a traditional buzzer. It offers five programmable FM radio presets, and can also stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet. The Horizon features a compact design that is convenient to place on any side table or kitchen shelf. The clear LCD watch display has a built-in light sensor to automatically adjust brightness according to the environment. Two USB ports can quickly charge your devices, including phones, tablets, and wearables. The large Snooze/Light button combined with the clear LCD display makes the JBL Horizon easy to use even when you feel drowsy, and the built-in battery backup system ensures you'll always be awake, even during a power outage.