JBUDDIES STUDIO Bluetooth Headphones (Small Size) by JLAB

$19.99 USD


Over-ear design with comfortable leather cushions and padded headband provides all-day comfort for all ages, from elementary school to young teens Volume limiter: How loud are your kids listening to their favorite music or YouTuber? When children are young, their ears are more susceptible to damage from loud sounds. JBuddies offer safe volume control, with built-in volume regulators, to ensure you don't exceed 85 decibels. And every pair is still designed with JLab's crystal clear clarity in mind for 13 hours of BLUETOOTH PLAYTIME: Keep your music hassle-free by wirelessly linking your Bluetooth-enabled device and streaming from up to 10 metres. With up to 13 hours of playtime with amazing sound that gives you a good vibe all day long COMFORT FIT: Plush, round cups fit perfectly in your ears and provide a comfortable listening experience you can use all day. Finger-free hinges to keep your child's fingers secure. The easy-to-adjust headband allows you to get the perfect fit. The headband is also made of a plush leather material, so it's so comfortable to wear, that you might even forget you're wearing headphones.