Ethernet CAT 5e Cable From PHILIPS 15.24 Meter

$29.95 USD


Make the most of your entertainment experience with Philips Cat5e Ethernet Cable. Optimized to outperform standard Cat5 cable, 50 feet long. An Ethernet cable allows you to stream audio and video up to 100Mbps. It provides low buffering and reliable connectivity. The black cable is encased in a durable jacket to protect against daily wear. 50 ft. The length provides extended reach for your office, gaming or home theater setup. Unleash dynamic networking performance with Philips Cat5e Ethernet cable.
Stream audio/video at up to 100Mbps
50 ft (15.2 m) cable length for extended networks
Provides a reliable connection and reduces buffering
Reduce crosstalk, AKA electromagnetic interference, for clearer audio/video
The durable black cable easily integrates with any networking setup
Backward compatible with Cat5 cable