Pop Mount 2 Flex Stand by POP SOCKETS

$15.99 USD


Flexible arms allow you to hold, stand or mount your device anywhere for endless content creation opportunities. PopMount 2 Flex is designed to accommodate all PopSockets and PopGrips. Log into your Zoom yoga class, put your phone down, bend the hot pink legs into any position, and try to do the same with your legs. How is your breathing? Support him on our desk for a video call. Designed with a bendable silicone body, the flexible stand can be wrapped around a pole or handrail to take photos. Makes your phone or tablet viewable from all angles in portrait and landscape mode. Dimensions: 8.11" (206mm) L x 8.5" (216mm) W x 0.26" (6.6mm) H. PopSockets offers its customers a 3-year limited warranty on its products from the date of purchase. For full warranty details, please contact PopSockets.