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Black Striped Armored Alloy Case for Galaxy Note 20

Galaxy Note 20

Product Description
PRESIDIO2 GRIP is an ultra-protective, pocket-friendly case with a non-slip grip for added confidence when texting, talking or taking photos. Not only is this case stylish, but Presidio2 Armor Cloud technology makes it tough as nails. We've lined the perimeter of each case with airpods. Upon impact, they compress the phone and suspend it on an airbag, just like an airbag. These cases have been tested in the real world to withstand drops up to 13 feet high, so you'll be confident knowing your phone will be protected. It also has a Microban treatment that reduces 99% in odor- and stain-causing bacteria on the case, creating a cleaner surface. If that wasn't enough, it also features our raised frame. This added edge helps protect your screen from scratching and shattering if, and/or when your phone falls and falls face down.
About this item
Drop protection up to 13 feet for ultimate durability
Presidio2 Armor Cloud technology protects and protects your phone like an airbag
Non-slip handles last longer and provide greater grip
Smooth-touch finish for a better look, improved feel and increased scratch resistance
Invisible cleaning with Microban protection