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iPhone 12 Pro black armored alloy case

$16.95 $45.00
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro

a description
Provide maximum protection for your Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro with the Speck Presidio®2 Grip Smartphone Cover. Improved non-slip grips and a raised frame help protect your device from accidental drops up to 13 feet, while the slim design allows for easy wireless charging. The Speck Presidio®2 Grip Smartphone Case features an updated design that creates additional cushioning for that extra layer of security.
Designed for use with Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro
To protect and supplement your phone.

Improved non-slip grip
Text and selfie with confidence.

Armor Cloud Technology
Reinforced design cushions your device for added protection.

Fall Protection Effect
Guarantees against damage from accidental falls up to 13 feet.

Scratch Resistant Design
Protects your device from accidental damage.

Smooth clicks with ultra-responsive buttons
Precise fit case with optimized, ultra-responsive buttons for smoother clicks and volume control.

Antimicrobial protection
Microban® built-in antimicrobial protection reduces bacterial growth by 99% on the surface of the case.