Quick-release stability shoe size 44

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By Propet

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SKU: 1S149I7MB11

Get the Propet Stability X strap that has all the features of a Stability X without the hassle of shoelaces. Designed with the highest attention to detail, the Stability X strap provides excellent arch support for your foot, reducing stress and pressure caused by high-impact activities. It also provides improved traction when facing different terrains. The Stability X strap adheres to the highest standards suggested by the Therapeutic Shoe Act and is Medicare approved, making it ideal for use by individuals facing orthopedic foot conditions. For the greatest comfort, the Stability X uses Propet's removable dual EVA insole that gives the wearer extra comfort. Depending on a person's orthotic requirements, he or she can either remove one insole to increase size or remove both to accommodate a custom orthotic.
With a streamlined design featuring mesh on the shoe's upper liner, the Stability X Strap improves circulation in the shoe. The strap closure features an adjustable hook-and-loop design, and it makes putting on and taking off the shoe easier.
Adheres to special foot needs - Diabetic/Neuropathy related issues
Hook and loop closure