Bluetooth keyboard with cover from ZAGG for iPad 11 Pro 1st and 2nd generation

$71.39 USD

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Where creativity and productivity intersect - getting things done doesn't just happen between the hours of 9 and 5. The lightweight and powerful Slim Book Go Keyboard helps you get the most out of your iPad so you can conquer your to-do list.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE DESIGN - We've made our keyboard lighter than ever. The sleek, streamlined design fits easily in your bag so you can take the lightweight Slim Book Go Keyboard and Case with you wherever you go.

Laptop-Style Keys - The laptop-like keys feature perfect key shifts so you get clean, precise, and even strokes with every keystroke facilitating fast and accurate touch typing.

The backlight is available in seven different colors, so typing in low-light conditions is easy.

Multi-device pairing - The Slim Book Go keyboard and two devices can be paired simultaneously, so you can sync with both your iPad and your smartphone and switch between them.

Apple Pencil Holder - Built-in holders for Apple Pencil are located at the top of the keyboard and at the base of the cap. So, your Apple Pencil is safely stored when not in use, and it's exactly where you need it when inspiration strikes.

Detachable Keyboard for Multiple Uses - The Slim Book Go keyboard and case can be easily detached to suit different uses and working environments. The Slim Book Go Cover, with a reverse kickstand, can support your tablet on one surface while you type with your keyboard on another.

LONG-LASTING BATTERY - The Slim Book Go Keyboard's long-lasting battery allows you to type for up to one year between charges, so you don't have to pull in extra length of wires to charge. *

1 Year Battery - The rechargeable battery keeps your typing for up to 1 year between charges*, and the sleep/wake function helps conserve battery life when the keyboard is not in use.

* Regular use of one hour a day. Using the backlight feature will affect battery life and may require more frequent charging.